Eco Friendly Keychains

Blacktip Shark Keychain

Blacktip Shark Keychain

Shark enthusiasts and ocean lovers will love this eco friendly Blacktip shark keychain made from recycled plastic and stainless steel!

* Each Blacktip shark keychain is made from eco friendly 100% recycled #2 HDPE plastics. This type of plastic is commonly used to make milk jugs, bottle caps, and food storage containers.

* Ring and eyelet for each Blacktip shark keychain is made from eco friendly corrosion resistant stainless steel.  These stainless steel parts contain approximately 60-80% recycled metals and are 100% recyclable!

* Each Blacktip shark keychain is lightweight and extremely durable

* Our Blacktip shark keychains are cool and unique gifts for ocean lovers!

* Made in USA 

* Blacktip shark keychain measures 3" in length and 3/8" thick

$ 6.95